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Guitar Lessons, Bass Guitar, and Drum Lessons in Cleveland with Instructor Faris Azem

Fun, enthusiastic music instructor will help you play your favorite songs sooner than you thought possible!

Music is simple; my lessons break music down into the basic elements and show you how musicians think.

Beginners are always welcome.

Quality music lessons from a patient music instructor with a Master's in Education.

*** Covid 19 update: I'm fully vaccinated and I wear a mask to each lesson. I ask that students do the same. ***

Ready to Learn more about Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, or the Drum Kit with me?

Here are the services I offer.

Music Lessons for Adults Are you an adult ready to learn music? Take lessons at my studio located in University Heights and learn guitar, bass guitar, or drums with me in an exciting space, where you can take your playing to the next level. I'm here to answer all your music related questions and take you step by step through the process of learning an instrument, whether you're just starting off or you have been playing for a while and need more guidance. From college students to retirees, I've taught them all and I constantly adapt my lessons to the needs of each student. I ask you from the first lesson what musical styles you want to learn more about and right away we start working towards that goal. From rock, to the blues, to everything in between, you'll learn the theory, techniques and music history to become a well rounded player. Keep practicing and we can eventually jam with me on drums, bass or guitar and you on the other instrument! It's a Rock school for adult students!

Come relax and learn a new skill.  Hours during the daytime, afternoon, evening and weekends.
$5 discount of each lesson if you drive to me from more than 10 miles away. I've had students come from as far as Lakewood and near Akron.

Teaching studio location and directions. 2400 Dsysart Rd. University Heights OH 44118.

Music Lessons for Kids Parents, do you have a student that is interested in guitar, bass guitar or drum lessons? For younger students, I offer the convenience of in-home lessons in University Heights and surrounding areas. Rain or shine, your aspiring musician can learn guitar, bass or drums from the comfort of your own home. I enjoy working with beginners and I love seeing the dramatic improvement that my students make as they practice for each week's lesson. I have a curriculum of songs and styles that I teach, so that each student gets a great foundation in a diverse range of music. I also ask each of my students what music they like to listen to and guide them in learning the music that naturally interests them. After all, music should be fun and the student should look forward to practicing each week. Most of my students tend to commit to the lessons and not give up early on, so that they can reap the benefits of a lifetime of music.

Need help purchasing an instrument? Check out the Parent's Guide.

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Online lessons also still available. The way I teach works great for online music lessons, you will succeed as long as you practice. Learn more about how my online lessons work.

guitarist strumming an acoustic guitar drum set

Which instrument(s) do you want to learn how to play? Guitar, Bass Guitar or the Drum Kit?

Considering giving the gift of music lessons? You can purchase a package of lessons in advance, by phone.

Instruments Taught

Guitar Lessons in Cleveland

Learn guitar chords, picking, strumming, finger picking, muting, bending, arpeggios, riffs, songs, rhythm, music theory and a wide range of techniques for guitar. Learn about different styles of guitar and play warm up songs that I created for each style. Learn songs and riffs by your favorite bands. You can start with an easy version and as your skills develop we can go more into the details. Learn why every lead guitarist should learn rhythm guitar. Develop your rhythm guitar skills so you can strum chord progressions and create variations in your strumming. Learn lead guitar and how to apply scales to melody, riffs, soloing and being able to improvise over any chord progression or song. Put it all together and learn how to play rhythm guitar and riffs and soloing in the same song. Electric and acoustic guitar lessons are both offered for beginner and intermediate students.

Bass Guitar Lessons in Cleveland

Learn to play bass guitar with a pick or with your fingers. Learn the note names on the bass, proper technique, rhythms, basslines and songs. Learn how bassists support songs and how to analyze and play basslines by playing warm up songs and riffs that I created for beginner bass students. These songs will help you understand how music theory applies to the bass guitar. Learn about how the bass guitar is a rhythm instrument too and how bassists can work with drummers. Ready to start thumping out catchy basslines? Learn more about how my bass guitar lessons work.

Drum Lessons in Cleveland

My step by step method of teaching rock drumming lessons was developed in over ten years of working with my drum students and seeing how they learn, and will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Learn the names of each part of the drum set, how each drum and cymbal sounds and how they all work together to create this amazing instrument we call the drum kit. Learn my coordination building warm ups for drummers and proper technique. Learn rhythm, drum beats and songs, including warm up songs that I created just for beginner and intermediate drum students. Learn how and when to transition between different drum beats in a song and even how to create your own beats. Learn drum rudiments like the paradiddle and creative ways to apply the rudiments to the drum set. Ready to start your musical journey on the drum set? Learn more about how my drum lessons work.

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Music instructor serving the Cleveland suburbs of University Heights, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, Beachwood, South Euclid, Mayfield Heights, Pepper Pike and surrounding areas.