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About the Instructor Faris Azem

Master's in Education

12+ Years Teaching Experience

Prolific Songwriter / Performer / Singer

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Guitar, bass and drum instructor Faris Azem playing a Fender Jagmaster guitar.

I've been teaching guitar lessons, bass guitar and drum lessons for over 12 years. I've taught thousands of music lessons to hundreds of students in Cleveland. I teach music lessons to students as young as ten years old and all the way up to retirees.

I love teaching beginner students and seeing them go from learning their first guitar chords or drum beats to playing songs and understanding the theory behind the music. And I've helped many intermediate students that felt stuck take their playing to the next level, giving them guidance with technique and music theory so they can apply their skills to songs and styles that they love.

Studying music is a lifelong journey for me, I'm always teaching myself something new, so it keeps me challenged and I can relate to how students learn. I've been playing and teaching myself guitar for over 28 years, and bass guitar and drums for over 17 years. I attend live music shows, events and workshops by other professional musicians because there's always something new to learn. I'm the songwriter in my rock band where I play electric guitar and sing. I can teach you how to play in a band with other musicians or jam with your friends!

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My Teaching Style

I believe that every student has the potential to succeed on their instrument. It just takes practice. And the things you practice should be fun. I encourage students to ask questions about what they are learning. Asking questions helps me keep track that you are understanding the material and helps me respond to the way that you learn. I will provide the feedback and guidance that you can't get from watching videos or studying on your own.

Music is a big topic but musicians break it down into smaller chunks. My lessons help you navigate those musical building blocks in the way that makes the most sense. We can start with easy versions of songs to get the big picture, and then as you develop your skills we can start taking the songs to the next level. And it's so fun to make connections between those different building blocks and see how music works. Ready to get started? I will help you learn guitar, bass or drums in my step by step method that keeps you challenged without feeling overwhelmed. Each music lesson builds on what you know and helps you develop your musical techniques and understanding.

My Curriculum and 5 Skills all my Students Learn

No matter which instrument you choose, my curriculum helps every student get a solid foundation of these 5 skills.

Music theory. The language to describe musical techniques and ideas and how to apply these techniques and ideas to songs. Playing and creating music is like solving a really interesting puzzle and music theory helps you see how the pieces fit together.

Rhythm. Develop rhythm technique in my step by step method that guarantees results. Every beginner student starts with almost no knowledge about rhythm, and by 2 to 4 months of working with me has a much greater understanding and can apply their rhythm skills each week to songs and exercises. My step by step method prevents you from getting overwhelmed and helps you get the feel for rhythm till each rhythmic building block becomes natural. Rhythm is a skill that you can learn with the right instructor, it's not a “you either have it or you don't” kind of thing. And rhythm is a lifelong journey, I'm still working on practicing and applying my rhythm skills each week and always learning new things myself.

Playing Songs. Every music student should learn songs that interest them because songs are fun! I love making warm up songs that help you understand the way music works and apply your skills on the instrument. You will learn and request existing songs in the styles/genres and bands that you listen to. Get instant gratification by learning easier songs first. As your skills develop and you start learning more challenging material, it will never feel overwhelming because of the way I break the learning down step by step. I'm always pushing my students a little bit out of their comfort zone and into their challenge zone. After a while, songs and skills you found challenging at first become easier, and you will develop a repertoire of songs on your chosen instrument.

Analyzing music. I show you how different genres of music and their songs work. You will learn to listen to music in a whole new way, and how to analyze song structure to get the big picture of what you are doing. Then we will go into detail and see how to apply your music skills to each part of the song.

Technique. I help you develop good technique while having fun. You will learn to avoid bad habits and positions that put strain on the body. Good technique should be something that helps you play the music you love more effectively. I'm not a huge fan of flashy musicians that show off their technique, but perhaps lack an emotional connection for me in their music. I'm more interested in what you want to learn and how to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and fun way possible.

Instruments Taught

  • Guitar Lessons

  • Bass Lessons

  • Drum Lessons

  • Student Success Stories

    My younger students have performed for their families at home and at important family and cultural events, including performing in public.

    My students have started bands with their friends or family members and learned to jam together.

    I had one younger student from Beachwood who took lessons for 8 years. He started on drums, then eventually learned bass and then guitar while continuing to learn drums too. He wrote guitar songs based on things I taught him. He joined a band with his high school friends and performed at a battle of the bands. He now has a lifelong skill of being a multi-instrumentalist.

    One of my guitar students has been taking guitar lessons for over 9 years. She has learned everything from Chuck Berry to Charlie Parker. Coming from a strict classical background, now she feels that she has the freedom to create her own music and improvise.

    One of my younger guitar and bass students from Cleveland Heights is always learning new songs and riffs, beyond what I show him in the lessons. He is self motivated and takes the skills he learns during the lesson and applies the skills to songs he learns on his own.

    One of my guitar students from Shaker Heights learned to play guitar and jam with his son.

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