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A Music Lesson Designed Just For You

Fun, professional instruction with a kind and patient teacher.

Each lesson builds on what you know.

Learn listening techniques to increase your enjoyment of recorded and live music. You'll never listen to music the same way again.

You'll play and analyze your favorite songs. Each song is a vehicle to get better at the instrument(s) that you choose.

You'll learn techniques and skills that develop the proper muscle memory for playing an instrument.

Make it a lifelong journey: Learn about the "why" of what we are doing, not just the "how."

Most of my students start as complete beginners!

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    Choose lessons on guitar, bass guitar or the drum set.

    Wisdom Discount for older adults (60+). Read more about Lessons for Older Adults.

    Music should be fun!

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    Guitar Lessons and Bass Guitar Lessons - In Short

    Learn songs, music theory, and how to use music theory to talk about what you are doing and advance your playing style.

    Learn why certain chords and scales sound good together and how to improvise to create your own music.

    Read more about Guitar Lessons or Bass Lessons.

    Outline of the first two beginner guitar lessons (also works for bass and ukulele.)

    Feeling stuck in your playing? Learn about the different techniques we can cover in intermediate guitar lessons.

    Drums and Percussion Lessons - In Short

    Learn basic beats and learn how to use them in the context of a song.

    Play the beats to your favorite songs.

    Learn to create variations of any beat. This helps develop creativity and coordination around the drum kit.

    Learn how to set up the drums properly so that you don't strain yourself over time.

    Learn how to count time; how to read drum notation; and the rudiments; which are 40 things that every drummer needs to know. Learn how to improvise and create your own beats.

    Read more about Drum Lessons