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Drum Lessons in Cleveland

What comprises a great drum lesson?

Learn drum beats. A drummer's job is to keep time and to accentuate certain elements in the music. A drum beat helps define the feel and style of the music.

Learn how to hold the drum sticks and develop good playing technique.

Develop your sense of rhythm by learning how to count and subdivide time.

Play the warm ups I created for beginner and intermediate drummers that will help you apply counting and rhythms to the drum set.

Learn different styles of drumming and songs that interest you.

Learn the names of the drums and how each drum's voice fits in the mix.

Learn when, how and why to transition between different drums and cymbals for each part of a song.

Play fun and useful warm up songs that I created for beginner drummers. These songs will help you ease into more challenging material in my step by step method that guarantees results.

Ready to start learning how to play the drum set? Give me a call at 440-785-7897 or email me to get started.

Need help picking out a drum set that you can practice on? Call or email me and I'll be happy to recommend the perfect drum kit for your needs!

Drum lessons on the drum set at my studio

Want to learn to be a good drummer, not just copy songs?

Sounds fun? Don't wait to get started, call me today to schedule your first drum lesson! Or email me and tell me about your goals as a drum student.

Drumming makes you more coordinated: You will learn to coordinate your body; move your limbs in a certain way to achieve a goal.

Another interesting thing about drumming is you will learn to "de-coordinate" your body. De-coordinate is not a word in the dictionary; I made it up. In other words, your brain will be telling your limb to move a certain direction and you must step in and say "no!"

Learn the Rudiments of Drumming and Fun Ways to Apply the Rudiments to the Drum Set

The rudiments are 40 things every drummer needs to know. They make up the "vocabulary of drumming." The rudiments are basic patterns that you want to be able to play all over the drum kit with all four limbs. They help you with various techniques, sticking patterns and make it easier to play beats and songs. You can look up the 40 rudiments of drumming online and learn them on your own. But if you study with me, I can provide feedback on your rudiments and show you fun ways to play them all over the kit, getting the hands and feet involved. I can help you with the crucial, next step: how to turn the rudiments into beats and identify rudiments in existing beats.

Want to learn to count time and play in different time signatures? Odd time signatures scare you? They will be no problem when you study with me.

Instruments Taught

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  • Bass

  • Drums