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Guitar Lessons in Cleveland

Here is what to expect:

I teach out of my own materials. Never a boring book! (If there is a book you want to study from, I will be happy to help you with it.)

I write everything down in front of you, as I explain it step by step.

You will learn strumming, picking, techniques, songs and how to apply music theory to songs each week in a fun and engaging lesson.

Avoid information overload by learning music with me step by step.

You will always have clear goals to work towards in the styles of music that naturally interest you, and your weekly homework will help you develop a variety of skills on the guitar and fun songs.

You will write your own notes too, which helps you learn and remember things better.

You'll develop a sense of rhythm and you'll learn how to read and write rhythms.

Ready to start learning how to play the acoustic or electric guitar? Give me a call at 440-785-7897 or email me to get started.

Need help picking out a guitar to practice with? Let me know and I'll be happy to help you pick the perfect guitar for your needs!

Beginner and intermediate guitar lessons are offered at my studio

Types of Guitar Lessons

Beginner Lessons

Most of my students start as beginners; they don't know anything about their instrument.

Guitar or Ukulele: You only need to learn two or three chords to play many songs. You'll get a chance to start playing your first song by the second week.

If you practice and continue with music lessons, you can expect not only to play songs that you enjoy, but to be able to create your own music and jam with others. I believe all my students have this potential.

Here is an outline of the first two lessons for beginners.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Students that practice are guaranteed to grow as musicians. That's why there's no risk for your first lesson. If you're not 100% satisfied at the end of your first lesson, I won't charge you. It's that simple.

Want to know more about the techniques and styles we will cover? Can't wait to get started? Call me today!

Learn about music theory and why it's important.

You should also scroll down and read about intermediate lessons, because you won't be a beginner for long studying with me!

Intermediate Lessons

Let's say you can strum some chords and know a few songs, but you don't know most music theory. How can music theory help you?

Music theory can help you explain what you are playing, jam with others, create your own music and analyze songs.

I can't tell you how many times students have thanked me once they start to learn theory and learned to apply it to examples and songs. The response is usually something like “now I see how the pieces start to fit together.”

I learned to play by ear at first and there's nothing wrong with that. I even wrote my first songs before I knew any music theory! However, I reached a point where I needed to know more than just a few chords. Ever since then it's been so much easier to jam with other people and improvise.

Music theory gives you the language to describe your ideas to other musicians. It makes it easier to change something in a song or to cover a song in your own style. It helps you build your own style of playing, rather than just copying what you hear. It helps you construct your own riffs and understand how to fit them into a song.

Feeling stuck in your playing?

When you study with me, you will ultimately develop a system of knowledge that leads to mastery of your instrument. This will help you express yourself musically, to the fullest of your potential.


I make it fun and easy to learn guitar, by providing great examples for you to play and taking it step by step; in my comprehensive and empathic teaching style.

Interactive / Multi-media:

I can show you how to use a computer to compose your music. For example, the free program Audacity.

Got a loop pedal or other effects pedals that you want to learn how to use? Let's wipe the dust off those instruction manuals and I'll show you how to get the most out of your effect pedals!

Songwriting Lessons:

As a composer, I always analyze songs from a songwriter's perspective. I can show you how songwriters think. For example, I can help you with ideas for accompaniment for your songs. I can show you how to count time in the song (understand the time signature and count the bars and beats for each section.)

Opportunities for students to play out/perform:

I've seen my students go from struggling to switch chords to performing at open mics. I can keep you in the loop about good open mics, drum circles, and music-related events in the Cleveland area and help you get ready to perform in front of a live audience, if that's your goal. I encourage my students to take advantage of opportunities such as open mics, live-music events and shows at music venues.

I teach something that other instructors cannot replicate; my perspective.

In other words, no one will teach you the same things, in the same order and give you the same feedback as I would. Every lesson is a unique experience.

Read about the benefits of a music education

Check out the blog for some great music-related videos.

Want to try a music lesson this week? You will never look at your instrument the same way again.

Advanced Lessons

Already play the guitar, bass or drums and know some music theory? Maybe there is a style or technique that you need help with. Maybe you need help improvising and jamming with someone. Try one lesson; perhaps there is something I can show you that you don't know already. Perhaps you are an guitar player looking to get better at drums. Or a drummer trying to learn guitar or bass to write songs. I can help. There is no risk; if you are not satisfied at the end of your first lesson then there is no charge.

Play another instrument in a band or in orchestra? I've worked with students that were going to college for music performance and it's amazing how fast these students picked up guitar and drums! If you don't own a guitar or drum set, I have one that you can use during the lesson.

Instruments taught

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Drums