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Guitar resources and helpful links

This page contains links to other webpages that a guitarist might find useful.

A Compilation of Sing-Along, Folk, & Rock Guitar Songs (with chords and lyrics)   

A great list of influential blues musicians and lyrics to their songs

This site is a private and free non-commercial Blues guitar tutorial.

Music Theory; lessons, exercises, and tools

Another great resource is youtube; I can't tell you how many great songs are on there; all you
have to do is look.

If there is a musician you like, do some research on who influenced them. You might find artists
or even a whole genre of music that you like just as much, if not more! Example: if you like
the Beatles, did you know they were influenced by Chuck Berry?

Good phrases to google:
Chord generator - type in chord generator in google and you will get a bunch of pages that show
you how to construct any type of chord you could dream of.
Scale generator - same as above but with scales

I'm listed in this music teacher directory for guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons and drum lessons:

Electric guitar lessons
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