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Music Theory: why it's important.

My style of instruction provides a solid foundation of music theory, starting from the first lesson.

What is music theory? It's the study of music. How do musicians use music theory? They use it to describe what they are playing or listening to.

Music theory helps you communicate with other musicians. For example, if you write a song on guitar you can describe the tempo, key, time signature, and feel of the song with music theory. It can help you figure out the accompaniment to the song (what scales to use for solos and riffs, etc.)

When you hear a song; music theory helps you analyze what you are hearing and describe how the songwriter/composer/musicians used the elements of music theory to create and perform the song.

In my lessons, learning music theory is fun and easy. I show you step by step, how musicians think and how to apply that knowledge to songs. The song is a vehicle for focusing on good musicianship and listening skills.

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